Tech Sox™ is a Canadian owned company that focuses on Comfort Technology in sportswear sock design. January 2002 marked the launch of Tech Sox™ Motorcycle — revolutionary socks that increase the comfort level for riders in all weather conditions.

Now Tech Sox™ offer a wide range of technically-advanced, comfort products designed specifically for different boots, sports and medical. Choose a category below to learn more.

Motorcycle socks
MotoXtreme Motocross socks
Hockey socks
Golf socks
Sport socks, running, cycling

What makes Tech Sox™ so very special is a unique combination of technical and comfort features that offer all sorts of benefits. Everything about TechSox is designed specifically for the foot.

Common TECHNICAL features include: High Tech Fibers that wick away moisture, and are Antimicrobial to keep feet healthier; and unique Cooling Vents that keep the foot ventilated.

Common COMFORT features include: Seamless Toes , Arch and Ankle Support , High Impact padding strategically designed for the specific activity, Left/Right design , and a wide range of Sizes.